Friday, July 07, 2006

Ventmatic Faucet installation

I got the Ventmatic faucets in finally. I installed them but forgot to take pics. They aren't really necessary since the old faucets unscrew and you just switch them out. I highly recommend investing in a faucet wrench from MicroMatic when buying your shanks or whatever.

Benefits of the Ventmatic Faucets:

All stainless steel!
Typical faucets have brass parts that break down under acidic (i.e. microbrew) condition.

No Sticky Faucets!
Standard faucets are rear sealing. Small amounts of beer will be left in the faucet when the tap is closed. Ventmatics are forward sealing which prevents leftover beer from drying out and getting sticky.

Ventmatic Ultra Flow faucets are approx. $10 more than standard stainless faucets that may still have some brass parts.

The Ventmatic spouts fit normal tubing, so bottles can be easily filled from the tap. Cleaning kits can be easily attached without having to remove the faucet.

My system is now completely stainless steel - no brass!